About KarxxNation

KarxxNation is a music promotional outlet and hub for top music news.

KarxxNation is created to promote and help the independent and upcoming musicians. We provide full-service music PR campaigns for independent musicians of all genres. All our services are strictly based on gaining high amounts of press/exposure for Artists.

Press is vital when it comes to grabbing the attention of labels, licensing companies and new listeners. Artists with high amounts of press and publicity are perceived differently by industry and new listener alike. We fill a much-needed void for independent artists. We work closely with everyone from digital, radio and TV outlets down to the street. We have always felt there should be more support for local or upcoming, indie artists and their music.

How are we different when it comes to music promotion?

There are a lot of really talented singers and bands out there whose music isn’t getting radio or TV play, mostly because they aren’t signed to a big record deal with a major label. Whether these singers or bands have a record deal or not, they still have WONDERFUL music that deserves to be heard on the radio and on television and now, through the KarxxNation promotional Platform, there is an outlet to broadcast their music.

No matter how good and dope your music is, without promotion it wont exceed the circle of your friends. We understand the formula for building a brand. Whether you’re established or starting fresh, you need the right strategy to reach the right audience. Our aim is to broadcast your brand by optimizing your social media channels.

The internet/online has taken over the new age, 95% of all promotion is done online because virtually everyone is making use of the internet.

We create awareness and build momentum on your social media channels. Our goal is to make you go viral, build your brand and make your music cross borders.

What makes us different is our core priority of promoting independent artists through our unbeatable formula called ” You Produce, We Promote” (YPWP)